Be a Lecturer in an Easy Way

February 24, 2023garbage thought

Be a Lecturer, so that the noob in yours looks a pro infront of students

How to be a lecturer? well, have some money to spend on to take master or phd, or if you are a student who is good in class while you can't make anything useful, then try to look for schoolarship.

Finish from it then just cover a very small topics on particular area using oldschool outdated technology and act like you are a smart guy full of experience in front of your student while you are being in the current job actually cause you don't know what kind of thing you can offer to industry.

How am I gonna finish my master or phd?

Well by lying, thats the first skill you must have in order to be able to be acknowledged as someone who are willing to teach.

Make some stupid project for master and improve it in report telling that you make a beautiful thing while what you are actually making is just a Youtuber's or Udemy's video solved in 10-20 episodes.

The guy who will be the advisor for your master probably just like the guy like you. he only focus on report instead of the implementation, then just telling shit in it.

If I don't know anything, then what should I teach later when I be one?

Teach trash, ask your student to make a stupid report which has no impact on anything to their brain instead of lying and improving their bullshit.

Make Powerpoints which can be used for the next 4 years with the complexity to be changed in the future is just to adjust background or add a little bit topic/assignment just slide-in in one of between slides.

You got money for it though, so its worth!! if anyone telling you of bad thing you do of doing this, then bring religion into the action acting like you are a camel boy.

the key is easy, focus on report, make students so that they are like having an activities in class, get salary every month, profit!