Hi, I'm krehwell. I am never sleepless.

This is where I write stuff. Abandon all hope. Leave all uncertainty of my future. And dump all multimillion imaginary ideas.

This blog is a jamstack. And yes, this is following those tacky web developer who think that instead of making a stupid LinkedIn bullshit, it is more efficient to waste 2 weeks building a "from scratch" portfolio blog that has no visitor except the author.

This blog is open-source and is made using Next.js. The doc teaches everything!

🌍 My Pile of Shits


Hacker News Clone. Ad least 95% of the features are same + the search functionality is working unlike the original forum itself


Remember Bomberman in early 20's? Well, the remake is for those boomers who want to learn math just so they think they were ever good at it

Note10net (note over internet)

You write your note, you save your note, you manage your note. but do it in on internet


Send message, call, and mocking each other easily (now supports video call)