How to Beat, Fight, Destroy, and Devastate the Stress

June 3, 2021garbage thought


Easy and super pidzy… Number 3 will fucking blast your brain!!

1. Porn

Not sure you know about this but Porn is a planet in a galaxy. You wanna know more about it? Here I get you a bunch of references to learn more

Need more? well try to touch your mom pussy then you will know what it is. And yes, it's a thing that will say to you "do it again babeehhh"

2. Beat A Meat

If you opened the link above, what are you gonna do next? Hoping for your father to live again after all your prays doesn't work? Grow some balls and let's inside your zip grows too. Beat it like that time you father just came home after a hard drunk with his friends.

3. Scratch/Cut Your Body

There will be a time when you feel things mentioned above are just boring. You need something more to replace your life boredom. Or even your uncertain feeling about what should you be in the future, a rich guy from you father's money or a trash from your own faith and your own hardwork being nothing. This is the right time to apply this method, it's not hard and have no pain anymore since your pain has already been covered by your stupid brain thinking that life is more painful than just a little knife slicing for 5cm through your skin. 5cm = 1.9685inch for those of you using a gay system. This method only not works best if you go to beach a lot.

5. I Hate No.4 so I Skipped it

Yeah this point is basically just want to tell you that I hate no.4 during writing this garbage.

6. Sell Soul to Satan

Well, I haven't found any working method yet for this point but I'm sure there is a thing to do so. It's like a choice, have you ever seen a muslim so extream that they only think about their God and thinking he will go to heaven alone while anybody who does not listen to him will go to Hell? How is that guy? Is he stress? NO!!! and yes the answer is because he is selling his soul to his God already. The same thing selling soul to satan, it's probably the same as that extremist guy but just in a cooler way B) even though Hell is Hot.

7. Screaming To God That You Will Someday Revange

Last, it's always in my mind that I tell to that gay shitty living on sky guy or people labeled it as God I will revange him someday. Like really how is people angry when someone can't accept destiny while he just laughing from above seeing the creation he made is sad. "A psychopath Creator" that's what I label him.

"Let us switch our live God!, and we will see who is crying!".